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According to a Japanese legend, when you cannot sleep at night it is because you are awake.

Watch "The Idea," the First Animated Film to Grapple with Big, Philosophical Ideas (1932)

The Seven Keys and Seven Values of Highly Successful Hash Tables

A Short History of Punk: From Late 50s Rockabilly and Garage Rock to The Ramones & Sex Pistols

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The Encyclopedia of Science Fiction: 17,500 Entries on All Things Sci-Fi Are Now Free Online

Anyone old enough to remember the days when disgruntled employees would become hackers instead of shooters?

If there's anything natural element that looks like it's been made by an advanced alien civilization, it's crystallized bismuth.
Seriously - it's like the fairies that used to live in mushroom circles now live in a post-singularity society.

@jk Linux: come for the hope of solutions, stay for the weirder problems

> though Web 2.0 encourages the broader, ever more interconnected amateur web population to upload, share, record, and participate at increasing rates, it does so by ensuring the erasure of the personalized, Geocities-ugly “Welcome to my Home Page” aesthetic long hated by web designers and other members of the professional class. Users, in other words, must now operate within the hell of beautiful interfaces designed by experts. TL;DR: Website Eugenics.

The current government shutdown has been a disaster on the cybersecurity front so far. Experts from multiple cyber-security firms have warned that this would be the perfect time for hostile countries to carry out cyber-attacks against the US government, as agencies are understaffed and IT infrastructure is left largely unattended

I can't believe boomers ever called *us* the entitled generation like have u ever seen them interact with a service worker or member of the general public

Due to the vagaries of the HTTP 1.1 protocol and how browsers developed, it became advantageous to throw the bits of your website on as many different servers as possible. Thus companies also tended to put their ads on distinct servers from everything else.

I've read about how inefficient it is to make so many requests to different servers, and that is why HTTP/2 multplexes many different requests over one stream.

I'm sure it's coincidence that this makes blocking ads and analytics harder.

TIL that the Cyrillic font of the Ukrainian cover of Harry Potter books makes his name look, to the Latin alphabet conditioned eye, like “Rappi Hottep,” which sounds like a hilarious AI generated MC’s monicker.

If anyone is going to be in the Durham NC area in march, some friends and I are hosting a literary conference for scifi and fantasy

I called it a few days ago that this would happen. | Raspberry Pi Foundation Announces RISC-V Foundation Membership

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